Alternatively to the film industry, where competition, prizes and money are the rule, a group of new filmmakers create their own conditions.
Challenging creativity through the limits of production with short time and minimal budget, the MOVIMENTO Laboratory is open to both experienced professionals as ones interested in cinema, providing a learning process, without teachers or lessons, by mutual support, both technical and creative.
Collaboration is the key – no matter your qualifications/experience – you can always learn something new along the way.

  1. Open to people over 18 years old
  2. We call for respect for others and their needs.
  3. The working space will be shared by all of us, so please tidy up your workspace and don’t damage anything. Keep open bottles away from the computers and cameras at all times.
  4. All this event is based on voluntary work. Please be attentive and help out. If everybody takes care a little we have proper living conditions.
  5. Borrowed equipment should be handled with care and returned intact with all parts. MOVIMENTO is not responsible for any damages, loss or theft of materials.
  6. The organization of MOVIMENTO has the right to show the films produced during the LAB sessions in public screenings for the event’s promotion (except special requests), or can interrupt a film if they believe it contains hateful, racist, obscene or illegal material. MOVIMENTO is not responsible for the content of the films presented at the screenings.
  7. MOVIMENTO credits must appear at the end of any film made in the Lab sessions. Remember to mention everyone involved in your project when inserting the film credits and spell the names correctly.
  8. All Participants have to register and pay the fee! We can‘t discuss prices. Participants that are not registered at MOVIMENTO and have not paid the participation fee cannot be granted entry to the MOVIMENTO LAB at any time.
  9. We advise you to carry your MOVIMENTO badge at all times.
  10. MOVIMENTO is not responsible for any kind of personal accidents caused during the event. Please assure that you have a proper health insurance that covers accidents, diseases and injuries in Portugal.