MOVIMENTO – laboratory and screening of collaborative cinema – is an international encounter gathering, in the same place during a short period of time, people interested in experimentation and filmmaking, The purpose of this meeting is the creation of short films based on a non-competitive, co-creation and collaboration approach, The event is always guided by a principle of autonomy.

It has been organized since 2015 and each edition took place in a different geographic and human context in Portugal. One of the goals of its itinerant nature has been to decentralize film production and culture. In parallel, this approach provides a creative fountain to cineasts by way of different natural, historical and socio-cultural sources. MOVIMENTO has been aiming to share local cultures and places with a broader audience, and to welcome local people to the workshop.

Alternatively to the film industry, where competition, prizes and money form the rules, MOVIMENTO creates irs own conditions. Challenging creativity through the limits of production with short time and minimal budget, this Laboratory works without teachers or lessons, functioning through mutual support – both technical and creative.

MOVIMENTO’s means of collaborative cinema is at the core of its philosophy, in which the horizontal exchange of ideas and competences between people is regarded as an opportunity, a learning process, and a fertile ground for creativity.

Experts in cinematography can work with sound, learning from sound artists; actors can find themselves behind the camera, directing. Participants professionally trained in cinema get new insights and different points of view from people from other fields; the latter, in converse, learn and experiment with ways of communicating through moving images. Participants without any previous knowledge in cinema production are empowered and encouraged to make their own films or participate in filmmaking processes. Everyone is inspired by the people they meet, and through their participation, they widen a production’s collaborative idea.