The lab

The lab (production site) is the main core of Movimento and all participants have 24h access. The Lab is equipped with tables, chairs and electricity. All other equipment is the participant’s responsibility (it is not obligatory to bring technical equipment to take part in the event. In general the idea is for participants to share equipment within the lab). Feel free to bring also any other kind of equipment: e.g. instruments, sport equipment, geek tools or any other fun stuff.


We will provide a common sleeping space for all the participants. We advise you to bring your own sleeping bags / camping mattresses. Next to the sleeping area there will be as well the possibility to have a shower.


During the working session there will be a snack table with coffee, tea, fresh fruits, some bread and other stuff. Usually, we fill it up one time everyday morning and it will last until it’s empty. Also there will be a cooking team, providing breakfast and one warm vegetarian dish at night.